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Actress - singer - writer


Lykke (a norwegian name which means "happyness" in english) comes from Bergen, Norway. She is educated in in musical theatre (Bårdar akademiet in Oslo, 2006-2009) and had her professional debut at Den Nationale Scene (National theatre) in 2008 - a theatre she's guested many times since.
 In 2016  she made her TV-debut as Unn Frøynes, one of the leads in the in the norwegian legal drama "ABER BERGEN".

She's an experienced and established singer and her norwegian version of Dylan's "Make you feel my love" has hundreds of thousands streams on youtube and spotify. 

In 2018 she presented her tv-series script "LIKES" at Nordic Series Festival and got critically acclaimed. Her second script, "Mental Princesses" won Mid Nordic Film Pitch in 2015. Both scripts are currently under development

Since 2015 she's been working with kids with special needs, teaching them musical musical theatre.




​Tel: +47 98653662

Mail: lykkekristine@gmail.com

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